Gospel of John Production Notes

Gospel of John

An Interview with Narrator Christopher Plummer

Internationally acclaimed Canadian actor Christopher Plummer welcomed the opportunity to participate in the word for word version THE GOSPEL OF JOHN as the film’s narrator. With the production complete, Plummer believes that the messages contained in the film have tremendous validity for today’s audiences, and that they will resonate with undeniable clarity more than 2,000 years later.

"The faith that is talked about in this film is vivid for all viewers".

A conversation with producer Garth H. Drabinsky

The decision to produce The Gospel of John was one that legendary film and theatrical producer Garth H. Drabinsky did not make without great consideration.

Drabinsky has been a student of Judaic studies and history for most of his life and is learned in Torah, having read the weekly portion at his synagogue from the ages of 13 to 18. Drabinsky readily admits, "I certainly had no sophistication in the New Testament, even though I have always had an academic fascination with it and was interested in the philosophy of Jesus Christ."

"Why the book of John? I think it explores the life of Christ in the most philosophic and important way," adds Drabinsky. "Not only the miracles or signs of Christ, but the ministry of Christ and his teachings were, in fact, very optimistic in this book. In the writings of John, the crucifixion personifies the glorification of Christ. It really allows one to focus on this period of religious transition."

"Line for line we had to pay attention to every single word. And in doing so, things became clear, really clear. That’s the importance of the project. I think it will illuminate people about the text, give them insight into this historic time and their approach to the Bible far greater than I could imagine."

Henry Ian Cusick on Playing Jesus

With a background heavily steeped in theatre, Cusick welcomed the challenge of participating in a word-for-word film version of The Gospel of John.

John Goldsmith on Writing the Screenplay

Goldsmith welcomed the opportunity to translate The Gospel of John onto the screen. "The Gospel of John is strange, restless, mysterious, poetic and, in a way, otherwordly. I have never seen a film like this before."

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